Royal Ambassador     *     Royal Knight    *     Royal Commander
Royal Minister

          You may apply to be considered for any of the above by:

(a) completing the Application form; 

(b) giving relevant Reasons for why you are qualified and should be accepted for one or more positions;

(c) making a contribution of $500.00 for each position through PayPal below.

          Applicants who are accepted to any of the above positions are expected to support and assist His Imperial Majesty King Roman, as able and according to their skills and qualifications, in obtaining full recognition of the Empire of Europa and the Kingdom of Lithuania.

          Your may be addressed for any, or all, of the following:

  •      His/Her Excellency ..., Royal Ambassador of Europa for (region)

  •      The Honourable Sir/Lady ..., Royal Knight of Europa for (region)

  •      The Honourable ..., Royal Commander of Europa for (region)

  •      The Honourable ..., Royal Minister of Europa for (department)

          Those who provide good service to King Roman will receive promotion after a suitable period. 
His Imperial Majesty King Roman Banner
His Imperial Majesty King Roman on front cover of the Timpuyog Journal
TMI Timpuyog Journal with King Roman on cover
King Roman left the RC Church in 1986 sickened by the raping and massacres by the Papal Crusades for 200 years and the torture and executions of the Papal Inquisition for another 500, and by the terrible corruption within the Vatican and Clergy for many centuries. The contrast below with the gospel words of Jesus cannot be any clearer.
The Vatican contrasts with the poor and words of Jesus
King Roman at Captain Table on Voyager
President Donald Trump is six years younger than King Roman and has the same IQ of 156, four short of Sir Albert Einstein RLO who revolutionized physics
President Donald Trump putting America first
TMI Timpuyog Journal with King Roman on cover
GELS China 2017
King Roman seeks financial support and movie expertise in order to produce "Moon Shock" in return for credits and/or percentage
Moon Shock novelette by Dr King Roman
King Roman seeks donations to continue his charity work in return for recognition
Penultimate FCD Charity Gala Night Program
King Roman seeks fellow cruisers in order to make friendship and negotiations
King Roman's first cruise with Lady Fele
King Roman seeks friends and acquaintances from those who served in Aden
Recollections of the RAF and Steamer Point Aden
Continuation of Recollections of RAF and Steamer Point Aden
King Roman seeks offers for Flower Painting (artist unknown)
Flower Painting (painter unknown)
King Roman received this reward from Australia for his Kiap service in PNG through self government
This is King Roman's father's tomb which began his quest for recognition
This is the Tomb of King Roman's stepfather