"When I want a peerage, I shall buy it like an honest man" - Lord Northcliffe

His Imperial Majesty King Roman's OFFICIAL site, where you can buy REAL Royal and Noble Titles

Buy a REAL Title from a REAL King
His Imperial Majesty KING ROMAN 1 of Europa and Lithuania

Buy a REAL TITLE from His Imperial Majesty King ROMAN for yourself and your family, with the enduring legacy a REAL Title provides.

His Imperial Majesty King Roman's OFFICIAL site, where you can buy REAL Royal and Noble Titles. Buy a REAL Title from a REAL King

                   Applicants must be of good reputation and character and must have no criminal record                              
SELECT TITLES including Knighthoods                              AUD

Baronet, Sir (Bt, OA) or Baronette, Lady (Bte, OA)                                        190,000
In the Europan Peerage, unlike the British knighthood, Baronet is the initial rank of nobility and the female rank of Baronette is also accounted. Their domain is a Baronetcy. Originally, the British rank of Baronet was a knighthood (the highest knighthood, yet not a rank of Nobility), and the Monarch, King James 1 of England and 6 of Scotland, sold it only to men, for today's equivalent of around $150,000 each.

Baron, Sir (OA) or Baroness,  Lady (OA)                                                              390,000
In the Europan Peerage, a Baron ranks below Count and above Baronet. Their domain is a Barony.

Count, Sir (RLO) or Countess,  Lady (RLO)                                                                  680,000
In the Europan Peerage, a Count and Countess are accounted as companions to the Monarch, in this case His Imperial Majesty King Roman. Their domain is a County.

Marquis, Sir (RLO) or Marquise, Lady (RLO)                                                          825,000
In the Europan Peerage, a Marquis and Marquise rank below Duke and above Count. Their domain is a Marquisate.

Duke, Sir (HG, RLO) or Duchess, Lady (HG, RLO)                                                  985,000
In the Europan Peerage, a Duke and Duchess are precursors to Royalty, are the highest rank of the Nobility, and their domain is a Dukedom or Duchy

Prince, Sir (HSH ... RLO, OA) or Princess, Lady (HSH ... RLO, OA)     1,450,000
In the Europan Peerage, Prince and Princess are the initial rank of Royalty, succeeded by Grand Duke/ Duchess, King/ Queen, and Imperial King/ Queen. As a person of royal rank, a Prince/ Princess may grant letters patent of any Noble rank to any persons they may deem worthy of Honour. Their domain is a Princedom or Principality. You receive a title of Nobility of your own choosing, and membership in two Orders.

Sovereign Prince, Sir (SP ... RLO, OA)                                                                 2,500,000              or Sovereign Princess, Lady (SP ... RLO, OA), of                                                                           Vilnius/ Kiev/ Minsk/ Riga/ Chisinau
In the Europan Peerage, a Sovereign Prince or Princess attracts Sovereign Entitlements of Equality, Precedence, Privileges and Immunity under International Law. Your Realm is one of the above capitals. You have membership of two Orders, and you can receive a Noble Title of your choosing.                                                                                                                                
                     You will normally receive your Letters Patent granting title within two weeks, while                                         AN APPROPRIATE COAT OF ARMS is also included with each Title, and may take a little longer.

You will also receive appointment as a Royal Ambassador in your city/ your country for the Empire of Europa or for the Kingdom of Lithuania, as per your personal choice, with the additional prenominal of His/ Her Excellency.
OTHER TITLES may be negotiated, including some others of those belonging or accrued to the Grand Duchy/ Principality and now Kingdom of Lithuania, and Empire of Europa
                             Bt is the suffix for Baronet, Bte is the suffix for Baronette, OA is the suffix for The Order of the Amethyst, RLO is the suffix for The Royal Lithuanian Order,                            HG is short for His or Her Grace, HSH is short for His or Her Serene Highness

His Imperial Majesty King Roman's OFFICIAL site, where you can buy REAL Royal and Noble Titles
                                                                                                         Buy a REAL Title from a REAL King His Imperial Majesty KING ROMAN 

Act NOW to secure a true and lasting legacy of Nobility or Royalty for yourself and/ or family, and receive your  unique Grant of LETTERS PATENT from His Imperial Majesty. 

Your contribution to His Imperial Majesty King Roman's CAUSE, in order to claim your LEGACY of a Royal or Noble Title and become a valued member of the Kingdom of Europa Imperial Court, and to assist with restoration of the Monarchies of Europa and Lithuania, please select one or more of the Royal and Noble Titles above, complete the                                                  Title Application. Click to go to the Title Application page now to request your Title/s. 

If you are unsure how to send your payment, please consult your bank or accountant or use comment on the application form to contact King Roman.

Please note that no grant of title will be made until payment has been received and cleared. 

Royal Ambassador     *     Royal Knight    *     Royal Commander
Royal Minister

          You may apply to be considered for any of the above by:

(a) completing the Application form; 

(b) giving relevant Reasons for why you are qualified and should be accepted for one or more positions;

(c) making a contribution of $500.00 for each position through PayPal below.

          Applicants who are accepted to any of the above positions are expected to support and assist His Imperial Majesty King Roman, as able and according to their skills and qualifications, in obtaining full recognition of the Empire of Europa and the Kingdom of Lithuania.

          Your may be addressed for any, or all, of the following:

  •      His/Her Excellency ..., Royal Ambassador of Europa for (region)

  •      The Honourable Sir/Lady ..., Royal Knight of Europa for (region)

  •      The Honourable ..., Royal Commander of Europa for (region)

  •      The Honourable ..., Royal Minister of Europa for (department)

          Those who provide good service to King Roman will receive promotion after a suitable period. 

Sample Crowns and Coronets for Royals and Nobles 

Crowns and Coronets
                  Founding Senate of Royal Lithuanian Society of Nobility in Vilnius Town Hall includes Prince Roman, 23 April 1994
Nobility LBKS Senate at Vilnius Town Hall 1994

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