His Imperial Majesty KING ROMAN
                                                                                  Help King Roman obtain justice and he will reward you well                                                                                            
 King Roman is a long time biographee of Marquis Who's Who, and he is much remarked at Academia.edu

If you would like to say hello to King Roman or ask a question, you can email him anytime at hmkingroman@yahoo.com

King Roman's other projects include Moonship Phoenix Mark 2, & movie Moon Shock (to be based on his own writings. Interested persons are invited to participate and contribute. King Roman's Moonship Phoenix Mark 2 may be rectangular or circular. It uses helium to provide neutral buoyancy, and copper cones, alone or in tandem, which gently accummulate fuel-less thrust in Space. (These need to be checked for ideal size, shape and thickness. Also for reverse thrust and manoeuverability.)  (Based on the Shawyer EmDrive first run in 1998, tests by the worlds most advanced propulsion engineers, including from NASA, still end up producing measurable thrust which, in the frictionless environment of space, accumulates - produced by a copper cone open one end closed the other. Investigations of this phenomenon are currently being pursued at Penn State University.)

King Roman  founded and supported the charity FCD Inc. for 23 years (1990-2013), and ministered to a number of Secular Franciscan congregations in England and Darwin for 20 years - the Secular Franciscan Order was approved by Pope Nicholas 4 in the 1289 papal bull Supra Motem - On the Rule of the Third Order of St Francis

His Imperial Majesty KING ROMAN's Official Website
His Imperial Majesty King Roman's OFFICIAL site, where you can buy REAL Royal and Noble titles
             Learn about King Roman & buy a family legacy of REAL Royal and Noble Titles              
In 1991, The Lithuanian Realm was usurped, and also the Sovereign Entitlements; Equality, Precedences, Privileges & Immunity; of the heir His Royal Highness Prince Roman 2, now His Imperial Majesty King Roman the First of the Empire of Europa and the Kingdom of Lithuania, by International Law dating from the 1648 Treaty of Westphalia. 

The European Union and the United Nations  were and continue to be complicit, having been duly notified a number of times

This website is for those who have an strong interest in Monarchy, and who can afford to support King Roman's quest for justice by  purchase of REAL Royal and Noble Titles from His Imperial Majesty King Roman of Lithuania and Europa.

You can buy any Royal and Noble Title from His Imperial Majesty King Roman - including Baronet, Baron, Viscount, Count, Marquis, Duke, Prince, Sovereign Prince, and female equivalents - proceeds from which will assist him in his quest for global recognition, restoration and restitution, entitled under International Law.

In order to survive and prosper, this is something many Royals, if not most, have had to do before - click here 

Greetings from Darwin Australia, interim capital with Vilnius of the Imperial Kingdom/ Empire of Europa, which includes the Kingdom of Lithuania (Lithuania, Belarus, Ukraine), of which His Imperial Majesty KING ROMAN initially inherited Sovereignty as Grand Duke on 22 November 1967. 

Despite the usurpation, however, by International Law His Imperial Majesty King Roman remains LEGAL/RIGHTFUL/DE JURE Sovereign, despite temporary elected de facto governments.

                Unlike other forms of government, Monarchy engenders national pride * stability * continuity                (as for example the dutiful Queen Elizabeth 2, Britain's longest reigning and most respected Monarch) 

                                                                                              Gedroyc  h. Poraj                                                                                                                                         Gedroyc Letters Patent Poland 1569, Vilnius 1811, St Petersburg 1811 & 1873.                                                Princely title also received Russian confirmation in 1865, 1866, 1875, 1876, 1878 and 1880.      

Dining with Captain on Voyager of the Seas
                       2-5 March 2018 - King Roman is in Royal Darwin Hospital for 4 days after falling down a flight of palace stairs                       

History and Lineage

     In 1992, one year after the Baltic states finally became independent of the Soviet Union, His Imperial Majesty KING ROMAN (then still Prince Ronald), visited his stepmother Princess Paulina Dambska in Bielsko-Biala in southeast Poland, and was taken to his biological father's tomb (see photo below) near marker 299B at Brama 4 Warsaw.

       The princely Dynasty of Gedroyc (arms Rose over Hippocentaur) originated in the 13th century, and according to an historian married into the family of King Mindaugas, Lithuania's first king. The Gedroyc princely line continued from 1569 as Grand Duke (properly Grand Prince) of Lithuania, and was, amongst others, patented in 1811 at Vilnius and St Petersburg, and in 1873 at St Petersburg, during the Russian hegemony. 

       Prince Wladislaw Ignacy Marek Gedroyc (Grand Duke) and Margueritte Renee, Marquise de Pourbaix, married civilly at Lwow in 1904. His Majesty KING ROMAN's stepmother Princess Paulina was born to them in 1905, and civilly married his father Count Roman Emil Dambski of Lubraniec (arms Triple-branched Tree, from 1094) in 1927.

        Paulina was officially declared missing from 1940-1947, during which period Prince Roman 1 sired His Royal Highness Prince Ronald (now His Imperial Majesty KING ROMAN) in 1942, and in 1945 Ronald's sister Princess Christine (widow, now retired in Torquay England from Bath), both to Katherine Mann of Edinburgh.

        His Majesty KING ROMAN has resided in Darwin since 31 October 1975, after the city was devastated by Cyclone Tracy on Christmas Day 1974. There his Letters Patent 1993 as His Royal Highness, The Grand Duke of Lithuania, were prepared by Alan Earl of Dalvey.

         In 1994 at Vilnius, the newly founded Royal Society of Lithuanian Nobility (LBKS), 400 strong, elected Prince Roman a founding senator and voted for restoration of the Grand Duchy of Lithuania. However, the wishes of the original LBKS were subsequently ignored by the already established usurper Republic from 1991, and the newly elected LBKS of 1996 (with 200 members) continued the charade. 

          His Majesty KING ROMAN is a citizen of the United Kingdom and the European Union, a citizen of Australia since 1976. Whatever happens with Brexit, His Majesty KING ROMAN also remains Sovereign Monarch of the Empire of Europa and the Kingdom of Lithuania.

                                            This is the OFFICIAL WEBSITE of His Imperial Majesty KING ROMAN 1 of the Empire of EUROPA & the Kingdom of LITHUANIA

***************************************************************************************************************** *****************************************************************************************************************                                                                                                                     King Roman's Bio in Brief

     His Imperial Majesty KING ROMAN was born (HRH Prince) Ronald Victor Charles Mann-Dambski during World War 2 in Edinburgh Scotland * graduated from Trinity Academy Edinburgh in Science (Chemistry/Physics) and Languages English/French/German) in 1960 * joined the Royal Air Force in 1961 * was posted (SAC, "Top Secret") to Joint HQ, Steamer Point, Aden.

     Prince Roman emigrated to Melbourne in 1967 * sacrificed a recording career to serve as a patrol officer/kiap (captain) in Papua New Guinea in 1970 (for which he was awarded the Police Overseas Service Medal TPNG) from the Australian Government * and then HM Customs & Excise (Executive Officer/Lieutenant) * and a Royal Navy Reserve (medic) in England.

     Prince Roman returned to Australia in 1975 * became an Australian citizen in 1976 - and served in the Department of Law (Section OIC) Darwin * resigned in 1986 to minister to poor and homeless * for which purpose he founded two charities including Filipino Club Darwin (endured 23 years). 

     Prince Roman was a Secular Franciscan Order minister for 20 years * a Reconciliation bishop for 10 * and a Universal Family Ministry archbishop for 10, before resiling from religions for reasons of personal belief and observation.                  

     He is a Doctor of Philosophy * Theology * and Naturopathy, and has completed over 50 university courses including in Legal Studies, Computer Networking, Forensics, Digital Forensics, International Law, EU law, English Common Law, American Constitution, Astronomy, Moons, Oceans * and is a Charles Darwin University certificated Coxswain (captain/ skipper).

     At age 76 he is long retired, and enjoys having annual sea cruises and pursuing a variety of university studies.

    OFFICIAL WEBSITE of His Imperial Majesty KING ROMAN 1 of the Empire of EUROPA & the Kingdom of LITHUANIA


                                             International Law

                                   "The absent sovereign remains the de jure government of the country"                                                                   (American Journal of International Law, p. 571 & International Law Reports, p. 559)                            "The deposed monarch is entitled to full recognition by other sovereigns, and all nations and all people("King and Constitution in International Law" - The Augustan, vol. 18, no. 4, 1977, p. 126)

 Grotius On the Law of War and Peace 

"A ruler who is deprived of the actual control of his country by either an invader or by revolutionaries nevertheless remains the legitimate de jure sovereign of his country while the de facto government set up by the revolutionaries or the invader is considered as a “usurper”, both constitutionally and internationally"


Princely Line of Aleksander Gedroyc

Princes Gedroyc Lineage

"2l) Władysław Ignacy Marek (Horodnica 25 Apr/8 May 1862 - Żubracze 7 Apr 1943); used form of name Gedroyć;                         owner of Miękisz Nowy, Mosty Małe, Kulików and Żubracze);                                                                                                                  m. Horodec 4 Jun 1904 Margueritte Renée de Pourbaix (Fourmie, Belgium 23 Jun 1880 - Białograd 5 Jan 1953)                                             1m) Paulina Irma (Mosty Małe 30 Mar 1905 - Warsaw 4 Feb 1993);                                                                                                               m. Lwów 1927 Roman Emil Dąmbski (Borysław 2 Jul 1901 - Gliwice 22 Nov 1967)"                             

Prince Gedroyc              King Roman Bio              Napolean Appointments           Online Gotha

   His Imperial Majesty King Roman's OFFICIAL site, where you can buy REAL Royal and Noble titles 
Titles held by His Imperial Majesty King Roman
His Imperial Majesty King Roman the First, Emperor of Europa, King of Lithuania 
Grand Princes of Latvia, Belarus, Ukraine, Novgorod, Vladimir, Ukraine, Novgorod, Vladimir;
Prince/Duke of Aukstota, Bryansk, Chernigov, Chernobyl, Courland, Galicz, Gedroyc, Grodno, Kosovo, Krvac, Livonia, Lvov, Minsk, Moldova, Novaharodak, Ossetia, Oswiecim, Palanga, Perjaslavl, Pinsk, Polotsk, Pskov, Ratno, Riazan, Rostov, Samogitia, Santok,                                                                              Smolensk, Starodub, Trakai, Turau, Tver, Vilnius + SP Vilnius, and Vitebsk; Sovereign Prince of Vilnius, Riga, Minsk, Kiev, Chisinau;                                                                                                                    King Elector; Prince Elector;                                                                                                                                                Count of Lubraniec Dambski; Sovereign of the Royal Lithuanian Order, and the Order of the Amethyst;                                                                                            De Jure Sovereign by International Law; De Facto Sovereign by Right                                           

Be it Known to All and Singular

Under International Law, His Imperial Majesty King Roman the First of Europa and Lithuania is:   
a) entitled the Equal of Any Sovereign, British and otherwise;    
b) entitled to the Protections of Sovereign Immunity;     
c) entitled to All Privileges of a Sovereign, including Precedence.

By International Law, His Imperial Majesty King Roman the First of Europa and Lithuania, having been robbed of Succession and Sovereign Recognition and Peoples and Territories, is entitled to Recognition, Restoration and Restitution from the European Union and the United Nations.

                  The Sovereign Equality, Rights, Privileges & Immunity of the 1967 heir Prince Ronald,                                                                                    now His Imperial Majesty King Roman,                                                                                                                                                were subsequently ignored  

11 March 2018 - King Roman's Claim to Lithuania was submitted to Court of Justice of the European Communities
Registered SOLVIT # 1109/18/UK

             By International Law"The absent sovereign remains the de jure government of the country                                                [even though they are never officially or even unofficially recognized]"                                 (Oppenheimer, "Governments and Authorities in Exile," American Journal of International Law                                (p. 571) (Hersch Lauterpacht, C. J. Greenwood, International Law Reports, p. 559)
His Imperial Majesty King Roman's OFFICIAL site, where you can buy REAL Royal and Noble titles
                                                              17 March 2018 - Cyclone Markus hits Darwin, demolishing palace trees and fencing
Ask QUESTIONS by email to hmkingroman@yahoo.com

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In 1991, The Lithuanian Realm was usurped & the Sovereign Equality, Rights, Privileges & Immunity of heir Prince Roman, now His Imperial Majesty King Roman, ignored. This was contrary to International Law, & the United Nations was complicit, In order to achieve justice & global recognition, King Roman needs wealthy benefactors and investers, who will all be amply rewarded.

Royal Tomb of HRH Prince Roman 1, Grand Duke of Lithuania, Count of Lubraniec Dambski, at Brama 4 in Warsaw Poland 

Royal Tomb of HRH Prince Roman 1
2014 Declaration of Royal Sovereignty - NOTE THAT PO BOX NUMBER ON DOCUMENT IS NO LONGER IN USE
Declaration to UN of Royal Sovereignty

                                                                   Letters Patent 1993 prepared by Alan Earl of Dalvey                                                                 

King Roman's Letters Patent 1993
                                                                                                                 King Roman's Lineage                                                                                                                                                                 
Sovereign Lineage Dambski Mann
Vytis Arms of Kingdom and Grand Duchy of Lithuania
Vytis of Lithuania
In 1991, The Lithuanian Realm was usurped & the Sovereign Equality, Rights, Privileges & Immunity of heir Prince Roman, now His Imperial Majesty King Roman, ignored. This was contrary to International Law, & the United Nations was complicit, In order to achieve justice & recognition, King Roman needs a rich benefactor, who will be richly rewarded.

Photo by King Roman of Road into Lubraniec Town with Dambski Coat of Arms suspended
Road to Lubraniec Town
Senior Man RAF Bridgnorth England
Fav photo Dover 1975 HM Customs & Excise
King Roman on cover of Timpuyog Journal
At Voyager Top Tier Party
Lady Katherine with her mother Henrietta Sambler above her, and with golden collie Peter, Prince Ronald and Princess Christine
Grand Prince Roman 1 of Lithuania
War and Peace medals of Prince Roman 1
King Augustus 3 of Poland letter to Kazimierz Dambski of Lubraniec 1843
With government officials near Trakai Castle Vilnius
LBKS senate election Vilnius 1994
LBKS Senate Vilnius 23 April 1994
King Roman First Admiral Europa
King Roman at Sea
1st page of 1811 Gedroyc letters Vilnius patent
Last (11th) page of 1811 Vilnius Gedroyc patent
With Princess Paulina Dambska
Trinity Crescent Edinburgh 0-19 years
Residence 67 Great Pulteney St Bath England 20-33
King Roman with Police Overseas Service Medal (TPNG);
King Roman's Police Overseas Service Medal (TPNG)
Box containing King Roman's Medal
King Roman
Winner of final day trivia Explorer
Arms of Royal Lithuanian Order
Arms of Order of the Amethyst
Marquis Who's Who Biographee KING ROMAN